The Products are Important, The System is Important, The Mentoring is the Most Important

With any business, having quality products is a must. Without that, yes, you could maybe make a few sales, but what you will be lacking is a loyal customer base. Quality products and a variety of products are essential to any business- especially a network marketing business. It is so much easier to gain both IBOs and customers when your products are good AND when they are items that the customer or IBO would be buying elsewhere anyway. Selling products that people need is absolutely essential to having a successful business.

Secondly, the system is important. In many network marketing businesses, the system is that someone is asked to sell a certain type of product or a variety of items, then they will become an IBO and focus on selling. However, there are also some companies that focus more on the business-building aspect rather than the selling. This is where my business currently resides. Rather than going up to strangers or family and offering products to them that I will make money off of, I, instead, offer people an opportunity. This opportunity is for them to duplicate what I am doing and work on building an expanding a business where I do not need to sell every month to make a profit. By building a large enough network, I will create an ongoing stream of income where I can retire within 2-5 years and not have to worry about making enough sales, but I will only continue to offer this opportunity to others.

Finally, the MOST important part of any network marketing business is the mentorship. Anyone could have the best products in the world, and their partnering store has a system that works, but without someone to show them how to work their system, how will they succeed? Moreso, it can sometime be really difficult to keep motivated when working a network marketing system, but with mentors and coaches who have been in your place, they can easily keep you motivated in your business! When choosing which network marketing business to work with (or, if you’ve been approached and aren’t sure if you want to take the opportuniy or not), first do some research on what sort of guidance and coaching will be available to you. Will they have books to start you out with? Will they have frequent events that allow you to spend time with and ask questions to your upline? Will they allow you to contact them whenever you should need to? All of these are important things to consider. Personally, if I didn’t have the coaching available to me that I do or if I couldn’t reach my upline easily when I had a question, I may have left the business that I am in long before I even really got started. Thanks to my upline, however, I’ve been able to continue learning and moving forward with my business!

-Monica and Kenneth

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Why We All Need to Start Our Own Business… ASAP!

Okay, to begin, I was never a business person. In fact, I just wanted to make art for my entire life and not care what anyone thought. That is, until I realized that all of us are in real trouble. At the job that I’ve been at for nearly 3 years, I’ve hardly gotten a raise and make about 45$ working a full eight hour shift. SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG HERE. Thinking of this, that is when I started to do my own research and this is what I came up with:

In 1968, the federal minimum wage was $1.15 and the cost of gas was, on average, $0.34. This means that the price of gas was one-third of a person’s minimum wage. Now, comparing that to now, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 and the cost of one gallon of gas in 2013 was $3.49 ( This means that the cost of travel has gone up from being one-third of minimum wage to one-half. This may not sound like a huge change, but think of it this way: we are spending a larger percentage of our wages to get to our jobs that now pay us less than 50 years ago relative to inflation. This trend has been going on for nearly fifty years… do you think it will change anytime soon?

My answer to that would be a big N-O. According to a recent study, if minimum wage had gone up with inflation as it was supposed to, then the federal minimum wage today would be $10.74 ( Another study, done by the Huffington posts speculates that if minimum wage had kept up with the cost of living in general and worker productivity, it would be a whopping $21.72 (!!We would be living the good life then!

Oh, wait, but we wouldn’t… because we would still be trading irreplaceable time for dollars! In today’s world, we are so encouraged to do this, though, that we don’t even question it. I never did! That is, until I took a look at these facts and realized that no matter what, this system doesn’t work. Trading hours for dollars will never get us anywhere. However, building an asset once that will continually bring us wealth is the answer to this problem. This, my friends, is why we all need to build a business. Doing this will help us all to lead happier, more fulfilling lives where we can spend our lives doing things that we want to, rather than doing things that others want us to!

-Monica and Kenneth

Why Think Positively?

When you think about business, going to school, or really anything that you do in life, one thing that you don’t typically associate with success is eternal positive thinking. But why not? Thinking positively can seriously impact your entire life! Not only does it help you succeed because you’ll be more motivated, but it will help you succeed because in the world, people like happy people.

Up until recently, I used to be the complete opposite. I was grumbling about how bad my day was gonna be long before my feet even hit the ground as OI stepped out of bed. Heck, my first thought when I got to work always mirrored that of my boss’s thoughts: “Is the day over yet?” But by doing this, I was literally setting myself up for failure. Of course my day will be bad if I start out thinking of it that way! By realizing this, I started taking the babiest-like steps in the right direction: I waited until I got out of bed to grumble to myself about the bad day I would have, I forced myself to find something to smile about in the mornings (cute puppy pictures online will do the trick if nothing else), and I would say to my boss at work “Well, I suppose this day will be good” (although the first time that I did this, he all but keeled over from shock).

The point is, though, I did it. I didn’t want to at first, but I did. I always thought positive thinking all of the time was for the resident lunatic hippies, but I’ve since changed my standpoint.

Ever since I made this shift in my mindset, the smaller problems that used to make my life a trainwreck don’t seem all so bad anymore. My workplace isn’t my favorite place to be, but by not thinking negatively about it, it has seemingly become a better place to be. And get this! It’s rubbed off on my coworkers! We all now have enough tolerance for our jobs that we can become normal friends instead of being friends that only have one common interest which is spending our time ranting about work.

To wrap up, I would like to challenge all of you morning grumblers to wait 30 minutes after waking up to complain about life, to smile first thing in the morning, and, if you’re really ambitious, make a goal each morning relating to one thing that you think negatively about currently and how you can turn it into a positive thing. Just taking small steps towards thinking positively can lead to a happier and more successful life.

The Four Quadrants… Where do you want to be?

In the world of business and jobs, there are four major quadrants that consist of what you do for a living and this typically reflects your lifestyle. Two of the quadrants fall under the category of active income (you get paid once for work that you do and if you were to stop working, your income would stop), and the other two are in the category of passive income which is where you continue to get paid for work that you did once.

The first category that creates active income is the “E” category. This is where you are an Employee and you work for a corporation of some sort and you are helping someone else to get rich while you continue to earn wages. I am currently in this category with one of my jobs. This is where I DO NOT want to be. One of the big problems with this category is that you typically do not pick your own schedule. You live your life by someone else’s schedule, yet sometimes, these jobs do not even pay a real living wage.

The next quadrant is also an active income and it is called the “S” quadrant. This is where you are Self-Employed. This could be a job such as babysitting, doing freelance work, or owning a small business that you work at yourself. You can sometimes pick your own schedule with this quadrant and there are opportunities to be well-paid, but you typically have to work a LOT of hours when in this quadrant. In my second job, this is the category that I fall into. While I prefer this category to the first, it is still not where I’d like to be. I am a nanny and while I get paid slightly better, I still work by someone else’s hours.

Moving on, we move into the passive income side of things. The first category in this side is the “B” Category. This is the business category and you own a larger business where you have other people working to make money for you. This is the opposite side of the “E” quadrant. This is a good place to be because once you do the work once of building a business, you are paid for as long as your business is active. This category includes both traditional businesses as well as network marketing businesses. I am in this category as well as I am working to build my network marketing business so that I can quit my job and help others to quit their jobs so that they can live free lives.

Finally, the last category is the “I” quadrant which stands for Investor. This is where you don’t use time or people to create income as in the other quadrants, but instead, you use money to make even more money. Examples of this are investing in stocks or renting out real estate. In both of these scenarios, you put money into something once and continue to earn money from it.

I eventually hope to be only in the “B” and “I” quadrants and am working towards that every day. Where would you like to be? If you have any questions about the quadrants, we would be more than happy to answer them!

-Monica and Kenneth

Where Financial Freedom and Opportunity Meets

To introduce you to the concepts of residual income and financial freedom, I am going to talk about something that you’ve probably heard quite a bit throughout the course of your life whether you are sixteen or sixty. As you may have heard throughout all of your life, you need to “go to school, get a good, well-paying job, and live out your life happily.” The problem with this theory is that, well, you won’t. You’ll be controlled by having to go to work each and every day in order to bring home a paycheck. This mean not seeing your family for the majority of the day for a minimum of five days every week. But wait, isn’t that the goal of having a good job? So that you can support and provide for a family? But when do you get to spend time with your family? Nights? Weekends? That doesn’t sound like a very fulfilling life. This is where the idea of residual income comes in. When you create a residual income, that is when you are able to work when you feel like it, but even if you feel like taking some time off, the money keeps coming! This gives you the freedom to spend your time in the way that you want to.

That is where our business opportunity comes into play. When you build a business through networking and put a small amount of effort into it, this can create huge results that lead to a free and happy life!

So here, just to get you started, take a look at our website! This will introduce you to the basic concepts and products that allow us to live our lives freely!